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Depone: to testify under oath; depose

SO. I am back from my AROUND THE WORLD TRIP OF AWESOME!! :D I had THE MOST AMAZING TIME OMFG. It was very Harry Potter-central, LOL. From Hogwarts, to seeing DanRad (TWICE!! And once I got to talk to him and give him a drawing!! AND go to my first film premiere!!) to King's Cross, to Scotland, to the Harry Potter Exhibition, to Whimsic Alley, to H_E friends, to Feltbeats friends... it was just Harry Potter OVERLOAD.


I cannot wait to go back to Hogwarts, guys. Seriously. I spent, like, FIVE DAYS THERE, and it was NOT ENOUGH. Clearly they should just employ me to be Helga Hufflepuff or something XD

I have a BAJILLION photos, which I will upload at some stage if you're interested :D

Whilst I was away I downloaded basically ALL of fernwithy's Teddy stories and have been WADING through them ever since XD I got them to read on the planes, but it's been a week and I'm still reading them XDDD THEY ARE ADDICTIVE. SO. I have lots of Teddy and Lupin/Tonks things on the brain at the moment, which I'm hoping will lead to drawings of some kind >.> :D

BUT FOR NOW. Take a look at this:

The drawing I did of Teddy Lupin here was based on an image of Ben Barnes, which I modified. Then I saw this guy. Holy crap. They are very similar… LOL. Slightly different jawline, and a tiny difference in the eyes, but DAMN. LOL.

That's kinda crazy! :D

That's all for tonight, I think. Going to try and be better at the updating thing (which is all I seem to say in my updates these days ^^;).

LET ME KNOW IF YOU'RE STILL OUT THERE - or have we all jumped ship? D:

Tags: around the world trip of awesome, art, danrad, remus, teddy, tonks
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